There are times when a full inspection with the report and all the details are not needed. Sometimes a seller or property owner just needs a professional opinion of what to look for as they get ready to sell or even as a periodic checkup on their most valuable possesion. That would be a time when a property consultation would be appropriate. We will walk through the home together making notes and pointing out issues that are likely to show up in a full home inspection. This process does not take much time and does not carry the guarantees or detailed report of a full inspection. It does provide professional insight to the issues we tend to overlook after owning a property for a while.

Some times a walk through consultation would be helpful:

  • 1. When a homeowner decides to put their property on the market and wants to know what will most likely show up on an inspection.
  • 2.  When a home owner just wants to have a periodic checkup on their house.
  • 3. When moving into a rental property and you want to be sure that the home is in good condition.
  • 4. Any time you have concerns about an issue with your home but are not sure what may be going on.

Pricing can include a “punch list” Word document or simply a walking conversation as we go through the house room by room. We are glad to help you get a much more clear picture of the issues you may have in your home.

  • Please contact Mike for more information.